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  • Added by: Plase1955 About 2 years ago

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    I finally decided to get THE ROBE. After the site first launched, I have had my eye on it, I just needed to save up enough money. I thought it was worth it because I am a grade A lounger :) I typically wear I size 10, but I am taller, and have a broader upper body. I also like a robe to be roomy. This robe is so tight around my shoulders and arms I can hardly reach in front of me. I would love to return it, but they have a no return policy... so beware of that. OHH its also too short for my liking. Some may not mind a short robe, but I want to be able to sit comfortably without a pillow over my lap. I would exchange it for something else, but I am not a fan of the dress pattern and I think my chest would show too much. or the work out gear (I already have enough).. I'm sad. I think I may give this robe to my niece who is petite. I hope she knows how nice of a gift this is. I wish I was just a bit smaller :( I have 3 stars because it was a nice robe.. Just not for my body type.

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