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    I ended up ordering the leggings and the dress and despite my feelings on Bonnie and Ellie lately I wanted to give an honest review on the clothing alone. I really love the leggings. I like the design on them and the fit is good. I am an extra small and it fits me perfectly. The dress has an attractive shape and the bottom looks very pretty and flowy. The top has extra material and as a mom and wife I enjoy the modesty aspect of that. Since I am a long time follower I spent the money out of curiousity. However, I don’t think the dress is an 80 dollar dress. And certainly not 100 dollar dress. The dress is pretty but for 80 dollars in my opinion all the stitching on the dress and material need to be top notch. I wouldn’t price the dress more than at 50 dollars. Dresses for more than that need to be made of better material. The leggings are also white lined underneath I’m not sure if that’s to support the exterior material with the pattern. The leggings are also not worth that much some of the material already got pinched. I wouldn’t price them more than 35 dollars. The design is pretty but the material doesn’t seem too resistant especially for exercise. I can also see how the customer service would be an issue because I had anxiety about the clothes not fitting me properly and I was worried about not being able to return the items and get my money back. I think that needs to be changed.

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