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    I attended a Speed Dating Event with my cousin this month with AsianSingleSolution and it was absolutely abysmal and the most disorganised event I had ever been too. It was held in the bar area of a restaurant which to me is completely inappropriate. I received an email the day before to confirm what will be taking place on the day and none of which happened; no ice breaker, no activities to win prizes, no Speed Dating, no contact cards, no profiles to view. The Event Organiser had no identification and upon arrival said that ‘this is completely INFORMAL’. She also advised to go to another event at Novotel at 9pm as the current one was immensely monotonous. It clearly did not meet the criteria that was sent out in their opening email. There were a complete lack of clients; 12 men who kept in their own cliques. My cousin only had a choice of 5 ladies. There was also a no coat policy and on the day it was absolutely freezing. Having known it was going to be held in the bar, I would have taken one with me. I would never recommend this company to anyone. Since then the company could not clarify the times that any of the activities took place.

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