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  • Added by: Drstat About 9 months ago

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    Started out well but then the foot dragging started. They took me for over $6000 and now they won’t give me files for my website I purchased unless I pay them more “fees”. I own the site and paid for it. I also purchased promotional t-shirts they never delivered as well as two videos, one of which they never allowed me to do. I purchased 1000 business cards after approving proof but cards failed to show a phone number even though on proof. They admitted their fault but wanted only a “reduced fee” to replace. As you can see, I am not a happy camper. I filed complaint with BBB, but they failed to respond—no surprise. They sometimes take days to respond and when you run a business that is a no-no. I would recommend going with an established company in the USA that is accredited with the BBB.

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