About us

Think of the last time you bought something you really cared about. Maybe it was a life insurance policy. Maybe it was a coffee pot. Some people really care about lip balm.


Think of the amount of Googling you did, the types of people and publications you turned to for advice, until you were confident you were buying the best thing for you.


TrustNet.biz does all that work for you.


Then, we package it up to tell the story of our discoveries and, most importantly, be your research partner so you can make a purchase you won’t regret.


Who We Are


TrustNet.biz was started in 2014 by a small group of obsessive consumers with a passion for the truth, and the desire to find the best. We don’t have bylines. Our reviews sit squarely on the shoulders of our entire editorial team. The picks we make for the best are collectively ours, not the individual opinion of a single writer. Every research methodology we write and every “best” we mention builds the credibility of the entire site.


What We Do


Our reviews are useful, well-written, and trustworthy.

We provide an answer for the most common use case within two minutes. When we can, we tackle the ancillary questions too.

Our results are sound and our readers won’t regret buying our top picks. They’re ready to buy because our review is well-reasoned and it’s obvious we did a respectable amount of work to get there.


  -  Within 10 seconds, you’ll know our top pick, why it’s the best, and how we came to that conclusion.

  -  Within 60 seconds, we give you enough information to make a confident decision among the best options.

  -  We demonstrate that we care and strive to surface the truth.

  -  We’ll always show you how we got there. We articulate our methodology and show our work.

  -  Our reviews are scannable and we give you reason to trust us at a glance.


How We Find the Best of Everything


We start by doing the research.

We don’t believe there is a single “best” for everyone. A 23-year-old who wants to invest their tax refund for the first time isn’t after the same thing as a day trader looking to upgrade platforms, even if they’re both searching for the best online stock broker.

Our goal is to match you with the products and services that will fit seamlessly into your own unique life. It’s why we review whole categories, not individual products.

We take an exhaustive approach, spending weeks analyzing scientific studies, lab results, historical trends, and user experiences. We zero in on the authorities of a category and parse through their opinions to learn what really matters. (We also read a lot of customer reviews to see what those authorities may have missed.)

Is there testing data that already exists? We’ll find it. An ingredients label that isn’t making sense? We’ll hop on the phone with the manufacturer. We’re relentless in our quest for the truth. It’s how we found out that the men’s and women’s versions of Rogaine are exactly the same, even though the men’s version is $10 cheaper.


We get input from the right people.

We’re not experts in the industries we’re reviewing, meaning we’re not cosmetic chemists, or dog food formulators, or investment bankers. We’re writers and researchers on a mission we take extremely seriously. So we ask the people who are experts to help us find our way.


And we try everything out for ourselves.

We don’t run testing facilities. We don’t have a lab. But we don’t consider our job done until we’ve gotten our hands on the thing itself. Along the way, we’ve brewed about 500 cups of coffee, applied for a slew of debt consolidation loans, and received quotes from at least two dozen home warranty providers.

There’s a reason we go through such an extensive process. Actually trying something tells us way more than the specs on the back of the box ever could.


We also keep our reviews updated.

A review may look simple and straightforward, but there’s a good chance it took over a month to complete. Something more complex? Try several. That’s because a good review is never finished. We continue to research, keeping our content updated by reviewing new products or making changes based on things like product recalls and emerging trends.

Our business hinges on credibility, and how useful each review is to you. We promise to tell the story of what we’ve found in a way that’s worth your time, so you can get what you need and get on with your day.


A Full Disclosure


A lot of the products and services we recommend and link to are affiliate links. If you buy our picks, we’ll often make money on that purchase. This is how we can stay in business. We think it’s a good deal for us and for you — if we’ve done the right research, and presented it well, then you’ll be ready to make your purchase, and you’ll never have to take an ad campaign at face value again.