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  • zoemitch wrote a review for CCX Capital

    About 3 months ago

    Lucky to recover my funds.

    I thought i lost my investments to CCX capital. When I requested for a withdrawal, they kept bugging me to put in more money.I was totally tapped out at that point. When I realized it has been a scam all along and all numbers on the platform are totally manipulated. I took action to file a claim with... Read full

  • angelw wrote a review for CCX Capital

    About 7 months ago

    Lost my trading investment and had it recovered

    I lost a lot of money trading binary options, and have been able to have my money recovered by a recovery professional. You can email me to share my experience trading, and my recovery angelwilk14 at gmail dot com Read full

  • Stens1973 wrote a review for CCX Capital

    About 10 months ago

    As an investor within the Greek stock…

    As an investor within the Greek stock market i was pretty sceptical when it comes to the returns my account manager was promising me. Allthough what managed to boost my confidence is the consistant returns seen for the last 14 months. After the first quarter i doubled my account to see if the performance... Read full