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  • Drstat wrote a review for Logoviz

    About 6 months ago

    Poor service and failure to deliver goods

    Started out well but then the foot dragging started. They took me for over $6000 and now they won’t give me files for my website I purchased unless I pay them more “fees”. I own the site and paid for it. I also purchased promotional t-shirts they never delivered as well as two videos, one of which... Read full

  • Whorm1984 wrote a review for AsianSingleSolution

    About 7 months ago

    A great website...can meet some nice…

    A great website...can meet some nice people. Events are a great icebreaker to get to know people. Read full

  • Thingdou wrote a review for Alignable

    About 8 months ago

    Super Spammy and Expensive - Not Worth It

    I took a chance on Alignable and instantly my inbox blew up with emails from the company. I tried inviting people and all of a sudden my contacts were getting spammed. Then they wanted me to export my entire LinkedIn contact info and upload to them and pay them $89 a month to do what LinkedIn already... Read full